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Model United Nations


Neeraj Khater

Having historically been home to a culture conducive to the spirit of free-thinking, and argumentation, Jadavpur University has continually fostered academic excellence beyond the realm of prescribed learning. The student community of this institute has always been encouraged to be part of an inclusive learning process, aimed at widening their world-view and enabling them to question all that they know and learn. Acknowledging the multiplicity of perspectives and subjectivity of truth has largely been the bed-rock of the academic experience imparted within the walls of this university, ensuring that an event such as a Model United Nations Conference would bear fruiton herein. Having won the best delegation award at conferences such as KIITMUN thrice in a row, alongside the likes of SRM MUN 2017, BESC AON 2017 and RUMUN 2017, the Jadavpur University Debating Society has been dedicated to curating a world-class conference experience on our home ground. The delegation is now synonymous with excellence, and it was from this collective solidarity that the idea of JUMUN germinated, was nurtured, and from where it bloomed to be the event it is today. The diligent efforts and heart-warming team-work of individuals who were more a family than a mere college club helped this event take the shape that it holds today, guiding and nurturing the leaders who've gone on to hold the reins of the conference today, for which we remain grateful. Including agendas ranging from the economic empowerment of women globally, to the reservation policy in India within the ambit of our discussion, we are certain that the 5th edition of JUMUN will be home to three constructive days of debate.

We live in trying times, when the principles that hold together the very frame-work of our democracy are being held up to scrutiny, and the secular and pluralist fabric of our society appears to be coming off at the seams. When the fastest growing economy in the world runs the risk of socio-political stagnation, it perhaps occasions an intellectual call to arms, and such a resistance to the dominant discourses has almost always stemmed from student communities and sites of learning. Such efforts to change the status quo become an inherent aspect of a responsible civil society, and that is the very spirit that our conference encapsulates.

We've worked to curate an event, that goes beyond the four walls of the conference halls, and strives to bring about real, tangible change in the society which we inhabit. To this effect we organized the JUMUN Juniors' Initiative, and the Civil Society Initiative. JUMUNJI was aimed at educating enthusiastic school students from around the city in the craft of diplomacy, while honing their argumentative skills. The CSI included clothes and books collection drives and a sanitary napkin distribution drive, as an attempt to translate our rhetoric of constructive change into real, tangible action.

In conceptualizing JUMUN 2019, we harbour the earnest hope of being able to carry forward with this legacy, and we looking forward to you being a part of this journey, with us.

Neeraj Khater,